Are you using our new CATCH Grant Finder?

March 11, 2016

Did you know that CATCH now has a grant finder on our website? It’s true! We’ve compiled a database of grants from a variety of courses, all pertinent to child health, physical activity and nutrition. Search by state or keyword, or peruse a list of national grants at

An example? Folks in the state of Texas may want to apply to the new Texas Department of Agriculture grants!


Announcing a great opportunity for Texas schools and districts! The TDA has just opened the application process for their “Expanding 3E’s” grant. The objective of the grant is to increase awareness of the importance of good nutrition and to encourage children’s health and well-being through education, exercise and eating right. CATCH is one of the program options that schools can choose for funding and the CATCH team will help with the application process.

The award amounts are up to $10,000 per school or up to $50,000 per district and is the perfect opportunity to expand, begin or reinvigorate your CATCH program! For further information please reach out to Lindsay Edgar at or 855-500-0050 x805.