Kacey Hanson

Kacey Hanson is a CATCH Facilitator and certified trainer. She began her public health career with the CATCH Project in 1998 as an assistant. She later went on to graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill and earned an MPH with a focus in Maternal and Child Health. Her master’s paper was on An Overview to Childhood Obesity, when “childhood obesity” technically was not a term.

After graduate school, Kacey worked on cancer prevention and diabetes management projects for adults. In 2009 she returned to Texas to help implement the new CATCH Middle School Program in ~ 40 middle schools in Central Texas. As a CATCH Facilitator, she became a CATCH Trainer and now contributes to the development of training materials. She has been a certified CATCH Trainer since 2010. Kacey is proud to be on a team of public health professionals committed the training in and implementation of the CATCH Program.