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Humana Foundation, Baptist Community Ministries

Jefferson Parish is a CATCH Promise priority district.

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Project Summary

The New Orleans CATCH project aims to increase physical activity and healthy eating, reduce obesity, and create health-promoting environments for approximately 18,000 students in 39 elementary schools in the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS). Jefferson Parish borders the city of New Orleans to the west and south and is the largest school system in Louisiana, educating nearly 50,000 students in pre-K to 12th grade. JPPSS serves a high percentage of low-income and minority youth – 78% eligible for free or reduced lunch, 41% African American, 24% Hispanic – factors associated with higher rates of overweight and obesity.


Results from Phase 1 showed a 56% increase in time spent being physically active during P.E. class as well as a 23% boost in the number of days per week kids reported being moderately to vigorously physically active. The CATCH Program successfully moved the needle in students’ understanding of the connection between their diet and overall health, which is underscored by a 13% increase in self-reported water consumption.

“My discipline referrals across the board have gone down dramatically, attendance at school has gone up, and grades have gone up.”

- Ben Moscona, Principal, Bridgedale Elementary

“The CATCH program is awesome. We are all practicing healthy habits with our food choices, physical activity, and social and emotional wellbeing.”

- Colleen Winkler, Principal, Chateau Estates Elementary

“As a school we have done well in the cafeteria and at PE with the implementation of CATCH. Our Family fun night was a huge success!!!”

- Principal, Vic Pitre Elementary School

Not only are we teaching kids nutrition, we are teaching the parents as well.”

- Linda Hocke, Child Nutrition Service Manager

CATCH is real! This program is here to stay. We are moving forward.

- Coach Deanne Dunn, William Hart Elementary
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