New! “Restart Smart” Virtual Trainings

Following the spring 2020 COVID-19 school closures, CATCH is pleased to offer our new Restart Smart Virtual Educator Trainings, providing guidance for educators on best-practices related to conducting health education in both virtual and socially-distant in-school environments.
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About CATCH Training

CATCH Training is an integral part of a successful CATCH program. Planning and supporting training is the first step in changing your school or organization’s environment and helps maximize the benefits of the CATCH Program. Beyond being educational
and informative, this hands-on training is fun and encourages communication and teamwork!

Click Training Flyer for an overview of CATCH training options


Schedule a Training

Due to COVID-19, our ability to deliver in-person trainings is limited and scheduling will occur on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Lindsay Edgar at or 855-500-0050 x805 for more information.

Alternatively, our open training opportunities are ideal for individuals or a great alternative for organizations and districts during this time. For groups with more than 10 attendees please contact Lindsay Edgar at or 855-500-0050 x805.

CATCH Training Programs

Los Fresnos Training 1 (1)

School training in Los Fresnos, TX

CATCH Early Childhood Training

  • Ages 3-5
  • Ideal for preschools, daycare and early learning, centers
  • Reviews program materials and health & nutrition lessons, and also demonstrates techniques to lead physical activity appropriate for this age group

CATCH In-School Training

  • Grades K-5 / K-8 / 6-8
  • Ideal for those wanting to create a culture of health that aligns with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child approach
  • Covers the link between health and academics,reviews resource materials, and gives hands-on practice using the CATCH Coordination Kit
  • Time will be allowed for strategic planning and participants will leave with a clear sense of action items to support program implementation.

CATCH Kids Club Training

  • Out-of-School • K-5 / K-8 / 5-8
  • Ideal for before school, after school, and summer programs
  • Teaches and demonstrates strategies to encourage and increase moderate-tovigorous physical activity and awareness of healthy eating

CATCH P.E. Training

  • Grades K-5 / K-8 / 5-8
  • Ideal for those wanting to implement CATCH solely in P.E. classes or dedicated physical activity sessions
  • Teaches and demonstrates strategies to encourage and increase moderate-tovigorous physical activity

Looking for a different type of training?

CATCH also offers customized trainings including component-specific and boosters trainings.

CATCH Training Levels

1-Day Implementation Training

Attendees will receive training in successfully implementing the CATCH program in their schools or organizations utilizing the CATCH materials and curriculum.

The Family Resource Center Association of Denver, this training brought in Program Directors from across Colorado to the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains to launch their CATCH Early Childhood training.

Training at the Family Resource Center Association of Denver

3-Day Training Academy

Attendees (who pass our certification test at the end of our three day training) will be certified CATCH Community Trainers who can conduct implementation trainings within their districts, organizations and regions (for those educators/public health professionals who service larger areas than a school district). Training certifications are subject to CATCH Trainer Terms and Conditons).

Attendance at the three day Academy will ensure your school, district or organization long term sustainability as your core administrative staff are trained to deliver the award winning CATCH program.


For full pricing details, please refer to our Training Flyer.

Training Level Attendance Cost Max Attendees
Implementation Open $3,500 30
Implementation Private $4,000 35
Implementation +
Training Academy
Open $8,500 Day 1: 30
Days 2-3: 12
Implementation +
Training Academy
Private $10,000 Day 1: 35
Days 2-3: 15

Why it Works

CATCH is based on the CDC Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model in which health education, school environment, and family/community involvement work together to support youth in a healthy lifestyle.

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