Devin Mathias

Devin Mathias is the Chief Development Officer for the CATCH My Breath youth e-cigarette prevention program. He helps find funding in order to bring the program to more children.

Devin lives in State College, Pennsylvania with his wife, three children, two cats, and the family dog. They live about a mile from his undergraduate alma mater, Penn State University. Family time and being active are high priorities for Devin, including the kids’ soccer, softball, and basketball teams, as well as his own various volleyball leagues and tournaments. Hiking, traveling, attending theater, and catching live music are other ways Devin likes to find joy in life.

Devin’s fundraising career has included leadership roles at the University of Michigan and the University of Florida, where he also completed his MBA. He spent over ten years as a philanthropic and marketing consultant. His clients included large institutions like Boston Children’s Hospital, Stanford University, and the Chicago Botanical Gardens, as well as small organizations like the local United Way and the local Friends & Farmers’ Cooperative. Before joining CATCH, he served as the Chief Development Officer for The Cornucopia Institute.