Keep Kids Well During COVID

Let’s Boost the Physical & Mental Health of Our Youth this Holiday Season

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This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the topics of public health, disease-prevention, and health equity across our country and our world. 

At CATCH, we know that physical health, immune health and mental health are paramount to helping kids stay positive during challenging times, which is why we are committed to our mission of reaching every child with the education and resources they need to keep healthy habits at the forefront of life. 

Supporters of CATCH’s Keep Kids Well During COVID campaign will enable us to continue to provide our health education programs to kids across the country – from every race and socioeconomic background – at a time when they need them most.

Your contribution to Keep Kids Well During COVID will help to support CATCH’s initiatives like Health at Home and virtual educator trainings, which provide free health education resources to parents and teachers and responsive COVID-era training for front-line health and classroom educators.

Together, we can help all kids stay healthy and positive through the holidays and beyond. 

Healthy habits not only decrease the odds of contracting disease, they also ensure that our youth are able to relieve stress and be more emotionally and physically resilient during turbulent times.
Educators unanimously agree that our youth are facing many challenges this year. Studies estimate that 79% of students have had significant reductions in physical activity since March 2020 and that youth worldwide are experiencing more anxiety and depression, due to increased isolation and lack of social supports. 
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Bonus: Donors who contribute $100 or more to the Health for the Holidays campaign will also have the opportunity to receive a signed copy of When Are We Going to Teach Health?, a new book by CATCH CEO Duncan Van Dusen!

Praise for CATCH “Health at Home” & Virtual Trainings

“[CATCH’s] training helped me to better understand the ways I can effectively and positively change the environment and mindset for the children I mentor to help them to make the right choices for them and their health!” – Zoe F., South University

“I am going to use [what I learned with CATCH] to empower my eight student nurses as they become positive role models, using the great tools CATCH shared. I feel confident that we can provide a structured, fun and engaging virtual CATCH experience for the elementary children we serve. Thank you I am so grateful for this training.” – Christine Z., GVSU

“The CATCH resources will be used for my asynchronous, synchronous and hybrid model teaching. The resources on the website are plentiful. Thanks for easing some of my anxiety for providing ways to keep my student’s interest and needs.” – Mary Beth F., Christina School District