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What is GO Dough?

GO Dough is a one-stop solution for school wellness fundraising and spending. We’ll create your online fundraiser page and send you a healthy fundraising campaign toolkit to help you raise money from parents and the surrounding community. The funds you raise are loaded onto your GO Dough card–which works just like a VISA debit card–empowering your wellness team to spend the funds as YOU see fit. It’s that simple.

The school fundraising model is broken.

Too often we see school fundraisers that are unhealthy and return only a tiny fraction of the funds raised to the school. Cookie dough fundraisers return as little as 25% to schools while simultaneously sending a mixed message for those seeking to promote a culture of health. Some fundraisers keep nearly all of the money raised and reward schools with cheap prizes or pre-selected equipment packages. And even if/when schools (eventually) get their funds, spending that money can be a nightmare of red tape involving vendor lists, purchase orders, or frustrating reimbursement paperwork. We thought: surely this whole process could be more simple.

First, let’s fix the return on funds raised.

With GO Dough, 75 cents of every dollar raised goes straight onto your GO Dough card. As a non-profit, CATCH Global Foundation’s goal is to return as much of the money raised as possible to your school. The other 25 cents covers administration of GO Dough which includes platform costs, credit card processing fees, and staff support time.

Now, Let’s cut the red tape on spending.

When you become a GO Dough school, we’ll provide your campus with a personalized GO Dough card. As funds are raised online or deposited as cash & coin, they get processed and moved onto your card within 10 business days of the donation (or deposit, if cash & coin). Your school wellness team can decide how to spend the funds and you can use the card just like a VISA debit card. Unlike accounting processes that involve handling and spending cash, all transactions with your GO Dough card are totally transparent. Suspicious activity is flagged–or blocked altogether–and there is no ability to withdraw cash or get cash back on transactions.

Any other questions?

Check out our one-pager on GO Dough for further details, including Frequently Asked Questions.

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