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What is GO Dough?

GO Dough – powered by CATCH Global Foundation – is a one-stop solution for school wellness fundraising and spending.

The basics:

  1. 1 Your school creates an online fundraiser page using our quick-and-easy, ready-made template. The healthy fundraising toolkit helps guide you every step of the way.
  2. 2 Donations to the fundraiser are loaded onto a GO Dough card, which works just like a VISA debit card. (One time check disbursement option is also available.)
  3. 3 Your school’s wellness team spends the funds as YOU see fit. No limited catalogues of equipment. No restrictive vendor lists. No red tape.

GO Dough Basics

Why was GO Dough created?

CATCH Global Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation whose mission is to help create and sustain healthy learning environments in schools. A major aspect of sustainability in schools is self-funding. GO Dough CATCH’ifies many of the challenges around fundraising, making it easier for wellness teams to plan and fundraise for their program’s budget.

How are funds distributed?

75 cents of every dollar goes directly to your school. The remaining 25 cents supports:

  • Keeping GO Dough running – administrative costs and platform fees to keep GO Dough available for schools nationwide.
  • CATCH Global Foundation’s mission – GO Dough donations help bring coordinated school health to underserved schools nationwide through the CATCH Promise initiative.
  • State SHAPE / AHPERD organizations – GO Dough fundraisers in certain states (ME, MI, OH, TX, and WA) are made in partnership with their state SHAPE / AHPERD. In these cases, a portion of the 25 cents is also allocated to support the state SHAPE / AHPERD.

Comparison of fundraiser returns

Why use GO Dough?


  • Healthy fundraisers allow schools to “practice what they preach” and reinforce healthy messages and behaviors.
  • Many popular national fundraisers – like cookie dough sales or “school nights” at fast food chains – can send the wrong message


Great return

  • 75% of funds raised go directly to your school
  • Most other fundraisers only offer 5-50% of total proceeds

Flexible Funds

  • Wellness teams have direct control of funds via GO Dough card or check
  • Funds never expire (even between school years)
  • GO Dough card can be continuously reloaded
  • No catalogs or restrictive vendor lists

Financial Tools

  • Donation & spending monitoring tools available
  • Optional administrative controls: receipt uploads, daily spending limits, reports, etc.


GO Dough One-Pager


GO Dough Fundraising Toolkit


Sample 2-Week Communications Plan


Cash Deposit Slips


Fundraiser Event In-a-Box


Nutrition & Physical Activity Trivia Questions


Business Sponsor Letter Template


Marketing Materials

Instructions: Download the blank template (PDF or JPG), add text/images and save using a program of choice – a graphic editor (like Paint, Photoshop, or GIMP), PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc. You can save using the program’s save/export
options or by taking a screenshot.


Flyer Template #1

PDF / / Template / Sample

Flyer Template #2

PDF / / Template / Sample

Graphic Template #1

JPG / Template / Sample

Graphic Template #2

JPG / Template / Sample