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Bailey Middle School on Twitter

"Attend #CATCHMyBreath's community presentation, funded by @StDavidsFDN, on Monday, April 22nd at 6:30PM in the Bailey Middle School Cafeteria to learn more about the youth vaping epidemic."

Healthy Williamson County on Twitter

"Tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) cause preventable death and disease in Williamson County! Learn more about e-cigarettes and JUUL at #CATCHMYBREATH's upcoming presentation on March 7th!"

Round Rock ISD on Twitter

"ICYMI: #CATCHMyBreath youth vaping & JUULing community presentation. March 7, 6:30 p.m. at The Allen R. Baca Center, 301 W Bagdad Ave., #RoundRock. Funded by @StDavidsFDN."

Helen Wagner on Twitter

"Parents, teachers, and health professionals at Community Outreach night learning about E-Cigarettes, JUULs, and Vaping.#CATCHMyBreath @HumbleISD_CLC @HumbleISD_CBS @CATCHhealth"

Rockwall ISD on Twitter

"Join #CATCHMyBreath on 10/16 from 6:30-7:30pm at Gene Burton College & Career Academy for a community presentation on the youth vaping epidemic that could be affecting your child. #noecigs4kids"

WCCHealth District on Twitter

"Today is the last week of #CATCHMyBreath e-cigarette prevention program presentations for 6th graders at Walsh Middle School! We hope you enjoyed it as much we did - thanks for having us!"

Hays High School on Twitter

"Join #CATCHMyBreath on April 23 at 6:30pm at Hays High School for a community presentation, thanks to @StDavidsFDN, on the youth vaping epidemic that could be affecting your child. #noecigs4kids This will be a part of our regular April PTSA meeting"

AustinISD Parent Engagement Support Office on Twitter

"Save the Date October 23, 2019. JUULs and Ecigs are rampant-could your @AustinISD student be using one? Attend #CATCHMyBreath's community presentation, 6:00 pm-7:30pm at Austin High School to learn more about the youth vaping epidemic & health risk."

CATCH Global Foundation on Twitter

"Frisco ISD rolls out #CATCHMyBreath #ecigarette prevention program, presented by Patricia Stepaniuk, CATCH My Breath Program Coordinator. Check out some of the press: • • •"

Paulak on Twitter

"#CatchMyBreath is a school program to help kids get educated about the harmful effects of #vaping. Email: Phone: 855-500-0050 x803"