Martha Carman

October 3, 2019

Occupation: PE/Health Teacher, Edison Park School

Location: Chicago, IL

Contact Info:
(773) 534-0960




Martha Carman is the PE/Health teacher at Edison Park School in Chicago. She has taught elementary and middle school physical education and health for 14 years in Chicago Public Schools. She received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University and has master degrees in Educational Leadership and Exercise Science from Northeastern Illinois University. This is her third year serving on the Chicago Public School’s Health & Physical Education Leadership Team. As a teacher, she works every day to provide meaningful opportunities for my students while promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, making healthy choices, and building personal/social responsibility. Martha really enjoys coaching and leading after school programs. She is also a passionate leader of our school’s wellness team and like planning school wide events that celebrate health, fitness, and wellness. In her free time, Martha enjoys running, traveling, cooking, and playing with her 2 children!

What made you want to get involved in CATCH My Breath?

“I first learned about the CATCH My Breath program from a concerned parent. I decided to implement the program in 2018 as a preventative measure. I was hoping to provide my students with facts and information before they were faced with the pressure to try e-cigarettes. As e-cigarette use has become an epidemic among youth, I continue to deliver the program and provide education to both students and parents. I believe that providing the information about the dangers of nicotine and e-cigarette use in youth and how to stand up to peer pressure can help students make good decision for their own health.”



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