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CATCH introduced at Newcomer Program for Immigrant Children

With over 14 languages spoken by the students attending Newcomer Program, it can be a challenge for staff to create comprehensive lesson plans and curriculum; however, this Indianapolis Public school has tackled any problem, even unexpected ones, with the utmost … Read More

CATCH Early Childhood Evidence Summary

CATCH Early Childhood (EC) is a preschool-based program designed to encourage physical activity and healthy eating in children ages 3-5. CATCH EC includes 4 components: 1) It’s Fun to be Healthy! classroom curricula consisting of interactive nutrition and garden-based lesson … Read More

Harlem Hosts First CATCH Family Night

Carver Hosts CATCH Family Night

New Orleans CATCH Coordinated School Health Initiative – Phase 1 Evaluation Report

The New Orleans CATCH project aims to increase physical activity and healthy eating, reduce obesity, and create health-promoting environments for approximately 18,000 students in 40 elementary schools in the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS). Jefferson Parish borders the city … Read More