CATCH Global Foundation

The CATCH Global Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity founded in 2014. Our mission is to improve children’s health worldwide by developing, disseminating and sustaining the CATCH platform in collaboration with researchers at UTHealth. The Foundation links underserved schools and communities to the resources necessary to create and sustain healthy change for future generations.

The CATCH Global Foundation supports financial transparency and privacy for all of our donors. See our donor privacy policy and annual financial filings here.


CATCH Global Foundation Board of Directors

Current Directors

Peter Cribb, M.Ed

Peter Cribb, M.Ed, was formerly the CATCH Program Director for 22 years. In that role, he organized and led thousands of CATCH implementations around the country. Peter’s experience with CATCH has covered designing and coordinating project plans and timelines, organizing … Read More

Priscila D. Garza, MS

Priscila Garza is a student at The University of Texas School of Public Health in Austin. She is working toward a Doctor of Public Health in Health Promotion & Health Education. Previously, Priscila was an educator in Baytown, Texas. She … Read More

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH, is vice president and division head for Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and holds the T. Boone Pickens Distinguished Chair for Early Prevention of Cancer. Additional responsibilities … Read More

Steve Kelder, PhD MPH

Steve Kelder, PhD MPH, is an original co-creator of CATCH, Associate Regional Dean and Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Science at the University of Texas School of Public Health, Austin Regional Campus, and Co-Director of the Michael … Read More

Duncan Van Dusen, MPH

Duncan Van Dusen is a social entrepreneur who has started and built successful for-profit and non-profit organizations. He is the Founder & CEO of CATCH Global Foundation, whose mission is to connect underserved schools and communities with resources to create … Read More


Susan Combs

Susan Combs is a member of the CATCH Global Foundation Board of Directors. Combs most recently served as the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts from 2007 through 2014, and, from day one, she made fiscal transparency and government accountability a … Read More

Eduardo Sanchez, MD MPH

Eduardo Sanchez, MD MPH, is Deputy Chief Scientific Officer of the American Heart Association. Eduardo was formerly Texas State Health Commissioner and Chief Medical Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. He has special expertise and concern working with … Read More