Texas Communities: Nominate your 2016 Champions

April 25, 2016

Every year at the Texas AHPERD conference, CATCH honors the educators in Texas who serve as true champions to their CATCH programs. The purpose of the award is to support the mission and goals of the CATCH Program, by recognizing and promoting exemplary contributions to child health in Texas. In order to find these people, we need you, our communities, to nominate your CATCH Champions!

2016 CATCH Champions

Read about 2015’s winners in December’s blog post!

Eligible nominees include any individuals within the school, district and community who support their CATCH program. Nominations are due July 1!

Click here to access our 2016 Texas CATCH Champion Nomination Form (PDF)

Click here to access out 2016 Texas CATCH Champion Nomination Form (Word Document)

Send completed forms to pcribb@catchglobalfoundation.org!