Articles from February, 2016

February is National Cancer Prevention Month!

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. But what does that mean for me, my friends, family and lifestyle? Well, we want to tell you more. National Cancer Prevention Month emphasizes that individuals can cut their cancer risk by moving more, … Read More

CATCH in Ecuador: Phase 2 training and more!

CATCH returned to Cuenca, Ecuador in early February in order to expand our CATCH program there from 7 to 28 schools! Trainers Kathy Chichester (Flaghouse, Inc) and Julio Araiza (Los Fresnos CISD) traveled to Cuenca with the full support of … Read More

NEW! CATCH Kids Club Best Practices Guide Available

Working in an after-school program implementing CATCH? Our master trainers and some long-time users of CATCH Kids Club have worked together to create a new best practices implementation manual, including tips and information on how to make your CATCH use … Read More

Segunda Fase del proyecto alimentación nutritiva en escolares

La Fundación CEDEI junto con CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) Global Foundation han organizado una capacitación dirigida a docentes de 28 escuelas de Cuenca. Los talleres se impartirán los días 10, 11 y 12 de febrero. La jornada incluye una … Read More

Updated Guides: How CATCH Aligns with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

We’ve added a new section to our resource library just for Texas schools to see how CATCH aligns to TEKS. Visit the library, or see below for updates on CATCH in Texas! CATCH K-5 PE Alignment CATCH 6-8 PE Alignment … Read More