Articles from November, 2015

Congratulations to our 2015 CATCH Living Legacy, Pam Tevis!

For the past three weeks, we have brought you information on our Texas 2015 CATCH Champions, who CATCH will be honoring at the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Conference next week in Dallas. Today, we present … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from CATCH!

The holidays can be a difficult time of the year to maintain your health and stay away from WHOA foods. Some Thanksgiving dinners can get up to 4,500 calories, and there’s the ever-present temptation to spend the rest of the … Read More

Meet 2015 TX CATCH Champions Niselda De Leon and Julio Araiza

As we mentioned last week, on December 3, we will be honoring some special CATCH Champions at the Texas Asssociation for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD) conference. Each week between now and then we will be profiling two … Read More

Meet the staff of NYC YMCA’s!

November 11, CATCH Program Director Peter Cribb traveled to New York City where, with support from our partners at MD Anderson and FlagHouse, he led the YMCA’s of NYC in CATCH training. We were lucky enough to get interviews with … Read More

Meet a CATCH Champion: Melissa Opsahl

Tell me what attracted you to your job at YMCA. When I started working at the Y, honestly, it was just a part time job where I could bring my son with me. As things moved on, as I started … Read More